9 Men’s Fashion Trends to Help You Update Your Wardrobe in 2021

Unlike other years, men’s fashion trends in 2021 are defined by a little less social and a lot more functional focus. The pandemic has shifted work and play from offices and abroad to humble abodes. Working from home is inspiring evolution in fashion, and so we find ourselves following one overarching trend: Functional, comfortable and stylish attire that liberates us from a lockdown life.

While we continue to evolve in times of different interactions and home distractions, our wardrobes are evolving, too. Clothes that aren’t purposeful at present are deemed obsolete. Tight jeans have been tucked away, and comfortable cargos are taking centre stage. When defining men’s spring/summer menswear trends 2021, we recognize how fashion has always had a purpose. From wool trousers made for horseback riding thousands of years ago to relaxed-suits for work and play in the 80s, there has always been a motive behind men’s fashion. Reflecting on autumn/winter 2021 menswear trends, we remain leaning into fashion suitable for the working-from-home lifestyle. Here are 9 men’s fashion trends for 2021 you can incorporate into your wardrobe, outlasting the seasons ahead.


A flexible-fitting style with storage makes for a useful pair of trousers this season. Ditching the skinny-leg jeans and sliding into a quality pair of lightweight cargos will guarantee plenty of comfort and durability for all-day, everyday wear. A modern, slim cut with a tapered leg opening will ensure street style for those essential outings.

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Unstructured Suit

The unstructured suit caters to the businessmen’s needs for a relaxed, transitional ensemble that oozes professional and casual appeal. The lightweight and breathable fabrics are perfect for the warmer weather and for layering in any season. Dress your suit up with an oxford shirt and loafers, or play it casual by pairing it with a simple tee and sneakers. Add personal flair by choosing colours that reflect your personality to make this men’s wardrobe essential a bit special.

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Plain Tee

A fresh white tee is a timeless piece that rightfully has a place in the men’s trends for 2021. A rounded or V-neck and cotton blend tee will fuse style and breathability, making it suitable for work and leisure. A chameleon of the wardrobe, the plain tee comes in various colours and can be tucked in or left out, depending on the look you want to achieve. Pair tees with chinos, cargo shorts, unstructured suits, or tapered jeans to get decent wear out of them. Investing in quality products won’t have you unravelling, only relishing your tees for years ahead.

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Polo Shirt

Polos are a classic wardrobe essential for understated sophistication and are made for movement. This season, turn to versatile pieces that you’ll be able to wear for virtual conferences, family gatherings, and, of course, golf. Shades of navy and grey and stripes and logos are colours and styles that will suit all occasions. Tuck your polos into your chino pants or cargo shorts for a modern look.

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Luxe Loungewear/Athleisure

Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and tracksuits may remain a popular trend after the pandemic when we can gallivant the globe again, thanks to the brands reinventing loungewear. Men are more confident in leaving their homes and heading to the shops in cool cashmere and knitted sets with structured fits. Get the most out of your tops and bottoms by keeping indoors and outdoors in mind when buying. This way, you won’t need to invest in many pieces, only a couple of high-quality, durable sets that can be worn year-round.

Image Source: Dockers.com/GB/en_GB/

Chino Short

The chino short has conveyed timeless style and functionality for men since its inception. As we welcome the warmth of spring, we welcome the chino short variation. The men’s spring/summer trends of 2021 wouldn’t be complete without this reinvented classic. Built for every situation, you can find sustainably made chinos like Dockers that are made with cotton and reinforced with stretch spandex for extra mobility. Pair with a polo or plain tee and sandals or sneakers to be ready for any occasion.

Image Source: Dockers.com/GB/en_GB/

Bomber Jacket

A water-resistant and breathable bomber jacket is a sound investment for multi-season wear. Whether it is to keep cosy indoors or venturing out in rainy or windy conditions, simple styles with pocket and zipper detailing look smart worn day and night. Add your personal style to this piece by pairing it with your favourite wardrobe essentials such as a beanie, white tee, pair of cargos or sneakers.

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Getting you from point A to B has seen the rise of sneakers in the corporate world, and even during a time of remote work, they remain essential and practical footwear for home and outdoor wear. Models and social media influencers have boosted athletic sneaker popularity, rocking colourful, white and platform variations with shorts, jeans and cargos. Having a few good quality pairs on rotation will ensure lasting wear.

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It might be hard to fathom how sandals have fast become one of the biggest footwear trends of 2021. Sandals have had a bad reputation in the fashion world, as they’re known for functionality rather than aesthetics. However, now that comfort and convenience is king, brands are designing new versions of sandals that look cooler than ever before. You’ll want to have breathable footwear with good cushioning as we enter the warmer months. Soft suede leather sandals in tan tones look great with cuffed chino pants or shorts. Free-feeling feet while park strolling in spring — perhaps a sensation similar to pacing the pebbled streets of Santorini? Sigh.

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Considerations when Shopping for Men’s Clothing

Fashion is the third largest environment-polluting and water-wasting industry. As a consumer, you have the power to change this by supporting slow-fashion brands that have high sustainable standards, manufacturing clothing more responsibly by using less water and supporting sustainable farming of materials. There are also initiatives providing filtered water to people since water pollution is also impacting the population globally. Supreme quality clothing may come at a higher price, but fast-fashion is costing us the planet. Investing in sustainable clothing from slow fashion brands guarantees quality durable and timeless pieces that you can get plenty of wear out of.

Final Thoughts

The underlying inspiration behind the men’s fashion trends of 2021 stems from the need to reinvent classic pieces for functionality and versatility to accommodate the new norm. From cargos levelling up with performance-level stretch and sandals equally impressing with new designs to kill old reputations, we find beauty in simplicity, practicality and comfort this season. Even if we cannot dress extravagantly for frivolous activities this year, social distancing won’t overrule style.

This post is written by Alex Stott. He lives in the city of London and has a master degree in communication. With expertise in fashion and lifestyle, Alex writes on a variety of topics that range from men’s clothing to the latest fashion trends. He loves traveling, shopping, and practicing yoga.‬‬‬‬

Alex Stott lives in the city of London, with expertise in fashion & lifestyle, he writes on a variety of topics that range from men’s clothing to latest trends.